Regal Kitchen Pro Bread Maker Machine Heavy Duty Pan Seal Kit for Model K6760 (6760)


This "Heavy Duty Pan Seal Kit" will fit the Regal Kitchen Pro Automatic Dough Bread Maker Machine Model Numbers K6760, C6760, 6760

* Includes: 1 - Heavy Duty Seal, 2 - Stainless Steel Flat Washers, 2 - Stainless Steel Snap Rings, & 1 - Stainless Steel E-clip.

* You will need Snap Ring Pliers to install the Snap Ring.

* Please be aware that you must have the pan version with the visible and removable seal or you will not be able to replace the seal. If there is a metal cap on the top of the seal in your pan then you cannot replace the seal. If you clearly see a white seal that can be removed from top side and seated from top side then the seal advertised will fit.

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