West Bend Bread Maker Machine Pan Seal Kit for model 41088


* This is a "New" Pan Seal Kit for the West Bend Automatic Dough and Bread Maker Machine Model Number 41088.

* Includes: Heavy-Duty Seals, Stainless Steel Flat Washers, Stainless Steel Snap Rings and Push On Fasteners (Style of Push On Fasteners may vary.)

* Most West Bend pans do not use a snap ring on the bottom end of the shaft. Most use a push/press on fastener that is included.

* There were 3 different pan castings made for these models over the years. Some require 19mm outer diameter seals and some will require 20mm outer diameter. Please let us know which diameter your pan requires during checkout.

* Please remove your old seal before placing and order for a new one. The success rate for removing a seal is 50%

*If you do not have the correct tools or equipment to do this repair I highly recommend that you find a professional to remove the old seal and to install the new seal.

* When paying with a Debit Card or Credit Card please do not click on any pictures of cards. Please scroll down and click on "Review Order" then in a moment click on "Submit Order" to proceed. In a moment you will be prompted to enter your card information. * All parts are shipped from the United States. * If your shipping address is not in the United States you must choose International Shipping.

* You are not required to have or open a PayPal account.

* Some pans for these models have easily removable snap rings on the bottom of the shafts.

* Please note that some pans do not have easily removable retaining rings and may require a
qualified repairman to successfully remove them.

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