West Bend Bread Maker Machine Timing Belt Set for Model 41300 (420/537)

SKU: Belt-BMPF-W-S3M-SET-420/537

This is a "New" Timing Gear Replacement Belt Set for the West Bend Automatic Dough and Bread Maker Machine Model Number 41300 (420mm/537mm)

*The Secondary Short Length Belt is always the same length (420mm)

* The Primary Long Length belt varies in length during different production times. The different lengths are 519mm or 537mm. You will need to measure
to determine which length your bread maker requires. If you are not able to accurately measure, then I recommend buying all 3 belts and return the belt
you do not need for a refund. Please let us know which size you need or if you prefer to order all 3 belts sizes. If you do prefer to buy all 3 belts then please
order from the listing that advertises all 3 belts for sale in one ad.

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