Snap Ring Pliers Tool for Hitachi Bread Maker Machine


* This new Snap Ring Pliers Tool is for Hitachi Bread Maker Machines.

* For Use with All Model Numbers: HB-A100, HB-A101, HB-B100, HB-B101, HB-B102, HB-B201, HB-B301, HB-C103, HB-C202, HB-C301, HB-D102, HB-D103, HB-D301, HB-E303

* Heavy Duty. Easy to use.

* When paying with a Debit Card or Credit Card please do not click on any pictures of cards. Please scroll the page down and click on "Review Order" to proceed. In a moment you will be prompted to enter your card information. * All parts are shipped from the United States.

Price: $9.99

Hitachi Bread Maker Machine Paddle for Models HB-D301


This is a "New" Kneading Blade Paddle for the Hitachi Automatic Dough and Bread Maker Machine Model Number HB-D301
This paddle will only fit the model number HB-D301. It absolutely will not fit model number HB-B301.

*This is a new design paddle that fits model HB-D301. It has been sold for these models since 2009.
*Please do not assume that it doesn't fit. It has been fully tested in both models by us. We have sold it for over 10 years.

Price: $12.99


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